Revitalize Beauty: Probiotics for Skin and Acne Dermatitis Treatment

Probiotics for Skin

Probiotics for Skin – What We Should Know? Recent studies have provided increasing evidence to prove that gastrointestinal microorganisms play a crucial role in regulating systemic inflammation and skin-related conditions. The latest updated scientific evidence has shown that oral probiotics can support the treatment of certain skin conditions, such as acne, allergenic dermatitis, sunlight-caused aging, […]

Why is LiveSpo Spore Probiotics different from 90% of other probiotic forms on the market?

Compare Probiotic Forms

Probiotic supplements are available in various forms, including pills, powders, liquids, and liquid spores. Different forms offer distinct advantages and considerations in the realm of probiotic supplements. Pills provide convenience, while powder allows for dosage customization. Liquid probiotics offer fast absorption, and liquid spore probiotics combine stability and effectiveness. Ultimately, the choice of probiotic form […]

Best Probiotics for Pregnancy on Maternal Health Journey

best probiotics for pregnancy

In the past decade, numerous clinical trials have been conducted to evaluate the effects of probiotics in preventing and treating various disorders in pregnant women, and scientific research in this field is increasing. So what would the best probiotics for pregnancy offer? Preparations for Maternal Health Probiotics for Pregnancy and Preterm Birth Evidence suggests that […]

LiveSpo Attended the International Microbiology Conference 2022

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From June 9-13, 2022, the 2022 International Microbiology Conference took place in Washington, DC. The conference is organized by the American Society for Microbiology Microbe (ASM Microbe 2022), the world’s largest and most prestigious microbiology organization. The conference is a forum for scientists worldwide to exchange discoveries, creativity, and research collaboration in different fields of microbiology. […]

Establishment of Spore Probiotics Research Center

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On May 18, 2022, LiveSpo Global JSC. held a press conference to establish the Spobiotic Research Center with the expectation that it will motivate more scientists to pay attention to and develop probiotic spores as a solution to control bacteria FOR A FUTURE WITHOUT ANTIBIOTICS. Attending the ceremony were professors, doctors from agencies, hospitals, and […]