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A Future Without Antibiotics

In 2027, LiveSpo will have 1.5 million consumers who use Spore probiotics for digestive and respiratory health instead of antibiotics, with outstanding benefits and customer experiences.
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Core Value

We build a happy working environment where all members are given equal opportunities and are created with equal favourable conditions to realize their dreams towards realizing the shared dream. “For an antibiotic-free future for everyone.” Each of the prominent LiveSpo people has a viable “gene” template with unique properties:

  • Customer-centric approach: Go above and beyond to ensure the customer’s interests are met. Listen actively and proactively fulfill customer needs, even before they are expressed.
  • Value communication: Keep your promises & Communicate transparently and proactively to solve issues thoroughly.
  • Data-driven decision making: Continuously collect and analyze data in real-time. Make decisions based on data analysis.
LiveSpo is an R&D, manufacturing, and distribution brand of Spobiotics (probiotics in spore form) for digestive and respiratory health, leading in breakthrough technology, rapid effectiveness, and convenience, aiming for “A Future Without Antibiotics”. The Company structure of LiveSpo includes:

Holding Company


Distribution Company

R&D Company

Our products are exported to nearly 20 countries around the world

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