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quality management

Quality control of raw materials:

Raw materials have to undergo “re-check” by our laboratory to ensure their absolute safety with a limitation of contaminated harmful microorganisms and heavy metals issued either by the Vietnam FDA or the US FDA.

Raw materials, after check-ups, will undergo a cleaning process to maximize time durability and to prevent germinating into “activated” vegetative cells during storage time.


Control of production processes:

Our production lines and processes meet GMP standards, evaluated and appraised through the use of services by independent, capable and reputable organizations.

contro product quality

Control of product quality at factory's output:

Before launching into the market, the quality of all our products is simultaneously controlled internally at the factory’s laboratory and independently at Eurofins laboratory and National Institute for Food Control. Ex-factory products are required to guarantee the United States Pharmacopeia <61> and meet standards for export globally.

standard certificate process

Control of product effectiveness through clinical trials and monitoring user's response:

As a professional marketer and distributor, LiveSpo Global and its member companies (LiveSpo Pharma Ltd., Anabio R&D Ltd.) archive all data from clinical trials and user feedback. We have collaborated with several central hospitals to conduct clinical trials for LiveSpo products, including COLON, CLAUSY, PREG-MOM, SOS(DIA30), NAVAX, and X-Secret. We closely follow the use of products by each patient and recognize all assessments of product effectiveness for users. The information provides our manufacturer with a foundation to make “micro-adjustments” towards more improvements in product quality and effectiveness.

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