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Prevention of digestive disorders due to side effects of antibiotics


Each vial contains 2 billion (2×10ˆ9) CFU of probiotic spores Bacillus clausii and R.O water q.s 5 mL.
  • Probiotic supplement, helps improving gut microbiota.
  • Supports reducing symptoms and risks of digestive disorders caused by intestinal dysbiosis.

  • People with digestion issues, indigestion, undigested food, and diarrhea caused by intestinal dysbiosis.
  • People who are being treated with antibiotics therapy, causing intestinal dysbiosis.

* Product is suitable for all ages, including children, pregnant and breast-feeding women. Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any of the product’s ingredients.

Shake the vial well before use, can be consumed directly or mixed with water, milk, juice. 
  • Adults: 2-3 vials/day.
  • Children over 2 years old: 1-2 vials/day.
  • Children under 2 years old: consult with doctor before use.

  • In cool and dry place at room temperature (better at 86⁰F).

  • Keep out of the reach of children.


B. clausii bacteria in the product contain specific genes in chromosome that relate to antibiotic resistance. 

As tested by Eurofins, a quality control company in Germany, the B. clausii spores in LiveSpo Clausy are about 4- to 20-fold more stable in terms of heat-stability and acid-stability compared to the other two commercial products containing B. clausii. Specifically, this strain can survive in the presence of high concentrations of multiple antibiotics.

The proper functioning of our gut relies on the maintenance of a delicate balance of intestinal flora with golden ratio of 85% beneficial microorganims to 15% harmful microorganisms. Various factors, such as antibiotic treatments, have the potential to disturb this equilibrium. While antibiotics possess the ability to eradicate harmful bacteria, they can also unintentionally eliminate beneficial bacteria, resulting in a depletion of advantageous gut microorganisms. B. clausii spores function as probiotics to create a Gut “Bio-Eco” to help the native microflora balance and grow, thereby intestinal balance is restored.

The product helps reduce symptoms and risks associated with digestive disorders caused by an imbalance in gut microflora. Anyone who wishes to have a healthy gut, especially, long-term or high-dosage antibiotics users with digestive disorders.

Yes, LiveSpo Clausy can be used alongside antibiotics. When using LiveSpo Clausy during antibiotic treatment, it is advisable to allow at least a 2-hour gap between taking antibiotics and LiveSpo Clausy to ensure the optimal effectiveness of the product.

LiveSpo Clausy is considered safe for everyone. The product did not show any LD50 dosage in the acute toxicity test conducted on mice. Additionally, no signs of toxicity were found in the sub-acute toxicity test conducted on rabbits after administering spores at a high dose for 28 days, which was 3-fold higher than the recommended human dosage.

LiveSpo Clausy can be used for a duration of 5-7 days following antibiotic therapy and can also be used for the maintenance of a balanced microflora for an additional 1 month or longer.

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