Lung Microflora and Immune Capability

Lung Microflora

Lung Microflora and Respiratory Tract Microflora – The Complex Interplay Lung (pulmonary) microflora and respiratory tract microflora can directly affect immune function and diseases or can be affected by changes in immune capability and local inflammation during disease progression. Early and serve viral infections, such as infections with the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), influenza virus, […]

Powerful Ways Probiotics Spray Can Combat Viral Acute Respiratory Tract Infections

Powerful Ways Probiotics Spray Combat Viral Acute Respiratory Tract Infections

So, let’s talk about Acute Respiratory Tract Infections (ARTIs) and how probiotics spray can navigate.  Acute Respiratory Tract Infections (ARTIs), especially ARTIs caused by viruses (Figure 1) are one of the major reasons for diseases and mortality in children and adults worldwide, leading to the development of other diseases [1].  ARTIs are common diseases in […]