LiveSpo Spore Probiotics - Health protection products based on world-class breakthrough biotechnology: 5th-generation SPL (Sporulation Trigger LiveSpo) produces Liquid-form, Multi-strain, High-concentration spores at extremely high purity.
SPL Technology: a world-class breakthrough invention in the biotech field of Dr. Nguyen Hoa Anh after over 15 years of research, work, and teaching in the field of molecular biology at Tohoku University, Japan, was further developed after his return to Vietnam in 2010. The technology helps create products totally different from all of probiotics products in the current market. The products contain probiotics multi-spore mixture with high concentration, transport durability, time durability during storage, heat resistance, acid resistance, which is VERY DIFFICULT TO OBTAIN in the production technology of probiotics products.
All of the probiotic spores are live and intact during transportation, storage, and usage. Almost 100% of probiotics spores will move safely through the acid environment of the stomach. Only when reaching the intestines do they germinate into active vegetative cells, helping balance the intestinal microbiota.
Up to now, the technology-based products have been exported to nearly 20 countries in the world: The United States, United Kingdom, Peru, Venezuela, Pakistan, Bangladesh,...
“We are proud to be the and now, the only producer in the world to succeed in producing Probiotics multi-spore mixture with high concentration, durability, storage/transport durability, heat resistance and acid resistance.”
Shared by Dr Nguyen Hoa Anh (Dr. Anh)
R&D Director
Chairman/Founder of LiveSpo