On January 12th, a signing ceremony for a partnership agreement to develop and exclusively distribute LiveSpo products in the US market between LiveSpo Pharma LTD and Ameri RX Alliance LLC was held at the LiveSpo Pharma office.

The representative of Ameri RX Alliance LLC evaluated LiveSpo products as having superior quality, breakthrough technology, and being completely different from the current probiotic lines on the market.

These are all potential products that will make a "splash" in the US market. LiveSpo's probiotic products apply the "WATER FORM - MULTIPLE STRAINS - HIGH CONCENTRATION" probiotic technology that works quickly, clearly, has been scientifically published and has been internationally clinically tested. LiveSpo's products are available in more than 20 countries worldwide.

Mr Dang Quoc Hung - CEO of LiveSpo Pharma, said at the signing ceremony, "Thanks to the serendipity connection of Ms Kim Thuy Nguyen - National Director of LiveSpo. We have a distributor in the US who is a Vietnamese intellectual with the same desire to bring Vietnamese products to the world. We are not selling pepper or cashews; we are bringing biotechnology into Vietnamese probiotics to the world."

LiveSpo and Ameri RX Alliance LLC

 LiveSpo Pharma provides LiveSpo probiotic products in liquid form, with multiple strains and high concentrations. It provides faster results than conventional probiotics because liquid form enhances absorption when using the product. At the same time, the liquid form also helps LiveSpo probiotics have a convenient application with various packaging forms in tubes and sprays.