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Established in 2010 by Dr. Nguyen Hoa Anh (Dr. ANH) and colleagues, LiveSpo has remained steadfast in its belief that Spore Probiotics – SporeBiotics – will open the way to a future without antibiotics for everyone over the past 13 years. With a completely different approach from tradition, LiveSpo utilizes spore probiotics to transform the environment and promote the healthy development of the probiotic system. Based on the belief that live spore probiotics will have specific, clear, and “pharmaceutical” functions, LiveSpo has developed a range of specific technologies, including:
LiveSpo's story

LiveSpo’s product development is based on “Balancing the probiotic system for the body.” The products are classified into 6 generations of probiotics:

LiveSpo's Story

LiveSpo’s spore probiotic products enhance the effectiveness of treatment in combination with antibiotics by 10% to 90% and, in some specific cases, can even replace antibiotics.

200+ Employees
20 countries
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Over 50 Probiotics Strains
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